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It’s Not Personal! How to Handle Rejection

It’s important to be prepared for the possibility of someone saying “no.” And it’s totally normal to feel badly after this kind of response. But try not to take it personally—remember all of the reasons why the person may have turned you down. They may be stressed about a series of upcoming deadlines, have difficult […]

What does a mentor mean to you? (Select all that apply): 

  a) An adult who is easy to talk to b) Someone who has a career I would be interested in An adult who can guide me into a career or graduate school An adult who is motivated to help me Other – drop down for written text  NEXT 

Definition of a Mentor 

In the field of mentoring, a mentor is typically defined as an older or more experienced nonparental figure who provides guidance and support to a younger or less experienced mentee or protégé.  NEXT 

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